JJ Wilde Releases Visual for  Soul-Stirring Alt-Rock Anthem  "State of Mind" [PREMIERE]


What could be more fulfilling than wearing super trendy outfits while dancing around to an empowering alt-rock anthem in the desert? Those vibes will seep into your bones and heal your broken heart when you experience JJ Wilde's soul-stirring new visual for  "State of Mind." A standout track from her recent debut EP, Wilde Eyes, Steady Hands, which arrived June 21,  "State of Mind" is an ode to independence and self-acceptance.  

Wilde throws herself a one-woman party in Joshua Tree while singing passionately about the importance of having patience for oneself. Rather than succumbing to the demons that make us judge ourselves or hate ourselves for failing, Wilde encourages her listeners to give themselves time to "learn the hard way/[and make] the same mistake over and over," because there's beauty in figuring out the world on your own.

Wilde's  debut EP has already garnered upwards of half a million streams on Spotify, earning her a loyal fan base who is passionate about the alt-rock revolution that she is crafting. Fierce yet vulnerable, Wilde is an artist that will propel a lost generation into enlightenment and help young listeners discover who they truly are.

On her new single and video, JJ Wilde shared,

“In the middle of the desert, the middle of nowhere, Joshua Tree in California, making this video was amazing to say the least. It's all about seeing things from a different perspective and not being afraid to make mistakes. Performing it live is a whole other experience. I feel the same every time I perform it, it never loses its meaning for me. This summer had been amazing in that way, I find when you're busy with music it doesn't feel like work, and this summer has definitely been that. Touring is my favorite thing to do, I've been back in my hometown for 4 days and I'm already itching to get back on the road again."

Ones to Watch is honored to bring you the first glimpse of JJ Wilde's powerful new visual:

Catch the desert rose herself at a venue near you:

8/6 - Canalside - Buffalo, NY  

8/7 - Musikfest - Bethlehem, NY  

8/9 - Ashbury Park, NJ - Wonderbar

8/10 - Washington, DC - U Street  

8/12 - Philadelphia, PA - The Foundry at The Fillmore  

8/13 - Richmond, VA - The Broadberry  

8/14 - Asheville, NC - The Grey Eagle  

8/16 - Lexington, KY - The Burl  

8/17 - Indianapolis, IN - Vogue  

8/19 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues Cambridge  

8/20 - Grand Rapids, MI - The State  

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