Joey Valence & Brae Drop Bombs in New Single "DROP!!"

Rising hip-hop duo Joey Valance & Brae are back at it again with another high-octane, bombastic single in "DROP!!" Continuing their streak of dropping endorphin rush-inducing music, the duo experiment with different flows while staying true to their clever wordplay and innate musicality.

The single includes a collage of sonics, including bellowing sub bass, booming beats, turntable scratching, and persistent percussion, specifically an unrelenting tambourine that frames the production. Their bouncy shouting vocals complete the track, making it perfect for getting up and dancing to or, as shown in the video, serving as the soundtrack for a bout of general chaos.

The accompanying music video is a high-energy, high-shenanigan DIY visual joyride. It opens with the masterminds sitting in an empty college lecture hall, staring straight into the camera, before cutting into dancing montages and the pair goofing off. The nostalgic VHS-style visual quickly switches into a dynamic fish-eye, perfectly pairing with the duo's change in flow and energy on the bridge.

"DROP!!" is a strong 2023 start for the dynamic duo after an incredible slew of releases last year. In 2022, Joey Valence & Brae dropped their debut EP, The Underground Sound, with the refreshing tracks "Double Jump" and title track "Underground Sound" leading the charge. The larger-than-life MCs continued to skyrocket with bombastic tracks like "Punk Tactics," "Hooligan," and "Startafight," as well as performances at some of the biggest festivals across the country. Valence and Brae's unique vocals, production, style, and high-energy antics that harken back to '80s rap supergroups of yesteryear combined with a masterful use of social media firmly solidify the duo as an act to watch in 2023 and beyond.

Watch the "DROP!!" video below:

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