Jon Waltz and Verzache Embrace Change on "Trainwreck"


Photo: Sammy Kogo

Memphis-made Jon Waltz doesn't collaborate with artists too often, so connecting with budding bedroom pop star Verzache on "Trainwreck" had to be something special. On an Instagram caption, Waltz shares, "I couldn't think of anybody better to usher in this new era with!!" The collaboration comes alongside the announcement of Waltz's upcoming EP, My Golden Horse and is absolutely setting the standard for what's to come on the new project.

"Trainwreck" begins with comforting chords and laser-like synths that lead into Waltz's pacifying, reassuring voice. Acknowledging the crumbling world around him, the artist feels as if he's still in control, able to "rip the thread at the seams," if he so chooses to. Never taking himself too seriously, Waltz takes time to reflect on his career through the songwriting processes, revealing, "The idea of the song was the world will move on no matter what happens, and even if I’m hanging by a thread,  I’ll always figure it out, which is also why the cover art is denim. It was a tongue in cheek nod to how my journey in the music industry has played out over the years and making light of it."

Verzache joins in for blissful bars about the all-consuming weight of life's troubles, but like Waltz, tries not to think too much about it. In his takeover of the second verse, he lulls, "Sometimes life is overwhelming / Breathing's all I know how to do / So I’m blowing off the steam  / And I’m using stress to push me up." His voice gets even more passionate in the second half, affirming that all you can do is try, and not worry too much about things. Waltz returns for the song's playful outro, stating he might be calm now, but if you fuck with his money, you'll probably see a different side of him.

You can get the full picture of Jon Waltz's story on March 23 with his forthcoming My Golden Horse EP and watch the "Trainwreck" video below:

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