Kenny Mason's "Play Ball" Video Is a Punk-Rap Nostalgia Trip


Though 2021's hip-hop drought seems to be coming close to an end, there is still no hip-hop artist holding the culture down like Kenny Mason. To reduce him to just a rapper would only paint half the picture though, as his music reflects a harmonious synthesis of punk, alternative rock, and Atlanta hip-hop affinities. Today the young creative returns with the visual for "Play Ball," a punk-flavored banger taken straight from his most recent project Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut.

"Play Ball" isn't the first visual Mason has treated fans to this year, as since the release of Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut, he's graced us with desolate yet emotionally expansive performances of album cut "4ever" and a medley of tracks on his "strays 02" performance. The video for "Play Ball" takes a bit of a left turn, however, as the Nasser Boulaich-directed visual depicts the Atlanta creative with his friends cruising the suburban streets through a distinct film grain lens.  

There's an air of nostalgia to the scenes, like I'm watching somebody's home movies, and seeing scenes of Kenny Mason with his dogs lends a tangible sense of community to both the music and circle he creates. The true nostalgia comes from Mason's writing, as the lifestyle depicted is not as sanguine as it appears to the viewer. To Mason, it depicts a past full of tension, pride, and a world where not everything is what it seems.  

With a busy schedule ahead - playing all three Rolling Louds, Lollapalooza, Firefly, and more - Mason certainly is on his way to getting his flowers. With an exciting future ahead of him, hopefully "Play Ball" is an indication of more things to come.  

Watch the  "Play Ball" video below:

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