Kill Jasper Displays a Relentless Flow on "Muddy Flow"


Kill Jasper is only 19 years of age but already outperforming many of his contemporaries. On each new track, the Compton-born artist switches seamlessly between gritty rap verses and earworm melodies. Previous singles, such as "Pretend" and "Kill Intro," feature unmatched flows and witty lyricism.  Beyond his unparalleled songwriting, Kill Jasper demands attention through his palpable presence on the mic. His magnetic personality bleeds through on every new Kill Jasper song.

"Muddy Flow" displays everything that makes Kill Jasper so captivating and is a must-listen for fans of the artist. Produced by Eighty 8 and Neek, "Muddy Flow" sees Kill Jasper rapping over a hard-hitting, dark instrumental. As the song reaches its inevitable conclusion, the only things left in its wake are lingering traces of his peerless bravado and relentless flow.

"Muddy Flow" feels like just the beginning. If this track is any indication of what's to come, then his next release is likely to be just as attention-grabbing.

Listen to "Muddy Flow" below:

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