kind. Makes Jam and Juice in Lighthearted "Fall" Video [Premiere]


Newcomer alt pop-rock band kind. aren’t wasting any time grabbing our attention with their music video for their sophomore single “Fall.” The Albany-based band formed at the start of COVID-19 pandemic, with all the members coming from bands that didn’t survive the drastic change to the music industry and wanted to reinvent the way they produced and promoted the music they created. Featuring vivid Pantone colors and bright neon lights, “Fall” is a vibrant jam that immediately boosts viewers’ serotonin levels.

“Fall," their sophomore single, shows off the pop-inspired side of the band’s songwriting. According to the band, the single and the accompanying music video is a more honest and colorful take on a style of songwriting that often lacks personality. "Everything about the track is supposed to get stuck in your head,” they shared, “combining the consistent and approachable base of the song with hard-hitting, catchy overtones.”

The theatrical music video is an amalgamation of vivid, color-coded scenes, featuring the band members goofing off, jamming together, and literally making jam and juice with their bare hands. “We had a hard time deciding on a concept for this video," shares guitarist Jake Ratelle. ”…The one thing we agreed on from the start was that we all wanted to make a music video that was fun and full of color and personality. We have so much fun when we’re all together, and we wanted that to show in our first music video, so the idea of us just being ridiculous together seemed like the right thing to do.“

Overall, the video is just a taste of this band’s potential and succeeds in showing their lighthearted side while still delivering songs that are honest and reflective. "The most fun part was easily just watching everyone doing their individual shots," shares Ratelle. "Hawke has been my best friend for almost 15 years, and I never thought I’d see him brush his teeth with mustard. I had to drink jelly from a wine glass and broke my tooth on a bunch of grapes. The whole thing felt like a fever dream, and even after a long day, we were all just laughing with one another.”

Watch the “Fall” video below:  

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