KINGDM Teams Up with Reo Cragun & Rowlan for a Fiery Underdog Anthem, "FRFR"


Teaming up with hip-hop artist Reo Cragun and rapper Rowlan, KINGDM is dominating the nocturnal electronic world with his latest fiery track, "FRFR" ("for real for real"). An acclaimed DJ, producer, and songwriter from Italy, KINGDM first became interested in music after hearing Chopin's "Fantasie Impromptu," which led to him learning how to play the piano at just five years old. KINGDM's fierce commitment to music production is undeniable as his thrilling releases get better, and he continues to collaborate with fellow musicians.

KINGDM's innovative fusion of dauntless electronics and arresting basslines is showcased in "FRFR" as Rowlan insistently raps every enticing verse. A brutally honest track, "FRFR" reinforces an appealing brand of authenticity and humility as Reo Cragun sings the memorable chorus, "Yeah you know the deal / We stay on / For real for real." Staying consistent with the song's  straightforward message, Rowlan exemplifies a common underdog as he raps about eating alone and being a benchwarmer instead of a starter. The motivating "FRFR" encourages us to remain persistent by getting back up every time we get knocked down.

On "FRFR," KINGDM reflected,

"This is a collaboration between me and my good friends. It was all written and recorded in one spontaneous session in Los Angeles, all in one take."

Embrace authenticity with the exhilarating "FRFR" below:

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