Koren Grace Finds Herself on  "My World" [Premiere]


“I was someone before you met me, and I like it that way.” Well, Koren we like it that way too…

One of the many revealing facets of music editorial is when you get to hear songs in their “demo” renditions: raw, uncompromised, the basic roots of a story waiting to be told. Often, you won’t hear these compositions again until they have been remade with mass public consumption in mind: star producers, instant hooks added, algorithmic tempos adjusted for perfect play-listing - made glossy in every way. Often made more beautiful, too, no doubt, but it’s a beauty that filters out imperfections, honesty, and its compelling relatability. Koren Grace, on her new single “My World” avoids this dilemma entirely. The song’s very construction supports its merited lyrics; we need to be open to mistakes and failures to grow comfortable with ourselves. The less compromised we are by the truth, the more true we can be to everyone.

“It’s crazy in here and I like it like that.” Well Koren we like it that way too…

Nothing is hidden under this song’s piano pulsing afro beat, all the manic energy is pushed into Koren’s confident lyrics with Casio keyboard horns and shakers giving her room to boisterously claim her place in the world. Koren describes the song as the gradual process of stepping into her own power. “I remember when I was young, I used to ask my mom what the secret was to not being so embarrassed by who you are,” she said. “She would tell me it comes with acceptance, time, age, and experience. And I think this is my time.” The demo feel of the track gives it all the intimacy of a private diary and it’s all the better for it. The positive message of “My World” doesn’t need gloss or glitter, the takeaway of personal strength is the song’s value.

And we like it that way….

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