little luna's "shift & go" Is a Mesmerizing Debut


Here we are at last, gifted with the beautifully mesmerizing debut single "shift & go" from new Alt-pop artist, little luna. Inspired by her poetry, little luna has put the intense complexity of personal growth into words. It's not easy finding your passion, but the true challenge is following your passion once found. little luna illustrates a conflict between feeling internally free and outwardly trapped; "freed little child on the inside, crying where have you been?"

little luna released a lyric video, coinciding with the original music video, that we were given the opportunity to premiere. The lyric video created for "shift & go" is anything but predictable. The text displaying the lyrics was not added in post-production, but rather projected onto the floor and walls throughout the video as a unique stylistic choice. The lyrical element of the song and story are very important to little luna. She wants the viewer to deeply feel and absorb what is being said and presented. The lyrics are far from an afterthought and that is apparent through the beautifully crafted video below. We are eagerly waiting to see what else little luna has in store for us. In the meantime, read our full Q&A to learn more about her.

Ones to Watch: Congrats on the release of your debut single, "shift & go"! For those who don't know, who is little luna?

little luna: thanks so much! OTW is one of the few music outlets i look to for new music, so i'm over the moon about this interview - thank you for having me. little luna is rachael kathryn bell & rachael kathryn bell is little luna. for a long time i felt like they were separate parts of my personality; combining the doc marten-loving songwriting LL with the yoga-loving actress rkb. throughout making this music though, i've realized not only that i can be all of it at once… but i already am all of it at once. the exploration of music was what i needed to realize a) i am allowed to change & b) i'm going to continue to change.

"shift & go" was inspired by a poem you wrote. Would you say that poetry is a part of your writing process or is 'shift & go' unique in that way?

poetry is a huge part of my process; a majority of my songs are based off of poems i've written, some poems dating back to first moving to LA almost ten years ago. one day i'll put them all in a book of sorts, but for now i just keep turning them into songs. whether my session has a co-writer, or i'm just working solo with a producer, i'll normally take in a few lines from poems / melody ideas i'm vibing with that day and see if the other writer / producer vibes with any of them. everything is a collaboration.


What do you want your listeners to take away from the story of this song?

honestly music is so personal, so i'm not going to try & control the listener's narrative. half the time i'll listen to a song on repeat & have no idea what the lyrics are but the instrumentation alone tells me a story / makes me feel a type of way. with that being said, of course my hope is that upon listening to "shift & go" you'd feel like you are allowed to change. no matter how long you've fit into the label that has been put on you, or that maybe even was you for a period of time, that doesn't have to be forever. take time to reconnect to your inner child & make decisions for yourself out of that place. making this music has been & continues to be my sonic journey through re- discovering my truest self, giving you sounds & words to support you as you do the same.

The visuals and music video are beautifully haunting, can you speak to the inspiration behind the imagery?

thank you! my visuals are created by myself & Jade Ehlers. actually, the lineage of our working relationship is amazing & a story for another day. Jade has helped me bring LL to life & really is a huge part of my journey. considering i grew up acting / studying film, for me the visuals within little luna needed to be on point to help tell the story. marrying sounds with visuals is one of my favorite things to do… like… i'm that person geeking out watching a film when the music supervisor has placed a song at THE perfect moment. any time i'm in-motion (driving, walking, on a train/scooter, etc) i feel like i'm in my own movie, blasting the soundtrack. the visuals to "shift & go" just tie into my love for cinematic expression in general.

What made you shift your path from acting into music? Are you still pursuing acting?

i discovered my love for acting & singing at the same time… a sixth-grade musical ha. it just so happens that acting was what i focused on first & then dove fully into from the age of thirteen to like, two years ago. i got to a point where i just wasn't passionate about the pursuit of acting & would rather spend my days grinding in sessions than at auditions. there's no bad blood & if a dream role came up tomorrow i'd love nothing more than to be on set, but i had & this unquenchable thirst to allow myself the time to give 100% into music, so here we are.

Can we expect more songs (possibly an EP) in the near future?

i'm sitting on so much music right now that i cannot wait to share with the world. my little (no pun intended) but mighty team & i wanted to give "shift & go" proper space to live & breathe. so, something could always change, but as of now we're planning for back to back singles dropping in 2021 followed by my first EP.

What or who would you say has been the biggest influence on your music?

i have answers for both as they are both equally important to me. "what" has been the biggest influence on my music is lush forests, museums & the connection to my truest-self which i first started finding through practice of mediation & yoga. "who" is Bon Iver, James Blake, Etta James, & Stevie Nicks. my parents always had music playing in the house growing up, so my list could go on but i'd say these four have had the greatest impact.

Who are your Ones to Watch?

my Ones to Watch are YEИDRY, EVAN GIIA, & Lous and the Yakuza


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