Matt Maeson Ruminates on His Past Mistakes in the Unrelenting "Go Easy"


Photo: Alexis Gross

Matt Maeson's long-awaited debut album,  Bank On The Funeral, is shaping up to be one of the most heart-rending projects of the year, and we cannot wait to have our heartstrings pulled with an unprecedented conviction come April 5. Maeson originally announced the forthcoming project with "Beggar's Song," an arresting tale of hope that we championed as epic in scope. Now, the Chesapeake Bay native returns with yet another reminder as to why he is such an invaluable songwriting talent.

"Go Easy," the latest song from Maeson to date, was originally written around the same period of his breakout hit "Cringe," and emanates with the same degree of poignancy. In the same tender space, Maeson's empathic vocals croon as the lyrics flow out like a confessional. "If I broke it, would you quit?/ Is this heartache we could fix?/ In the morning, when we wake/ When I'm sober, would you stay?," the questions circulate around our pained artist, who is nothing more than a human haunted by the reality of living with his mistakes. Maeson spoke further on "Go Easy," sharing,

"I actually wrote 'Go Easy' not too long after I wrote 'Cringe'- I was trying to fix a lot of mistakes I'd made, and it took a lot longer than I expected. I beat myself up until my mistakes seemed easier to make again because I lacked a sense of forgiveness and understanding from people I loved."

There is an unrelenting sincerity in "Go Easy;" it is a quality that is distinctive of Maeson as an artist. Never looking away from the pain, fears, and small joys of being human, Maeson's stirring songs arrive as emotional roadmaps to our own internal struggles.  

Listen to "Go Easy" below:

For more from Matt Maeson, revisit our exclusive performance and interview with the crooner below:

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