Matt Maeson's "Go Easy" Video Is a Gripping Cinematic Wonder


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Things haven't always been easy for Matt Maeson. After being arrested at 18, the 26-year-old Virginia Beach native saw it best for him to take a new course of action. This took shape in him joining his parent's prison ministry and touring through the nation's prison system. This is an experience Maeson accredits for much of his ability as an artist, describing to Pigeons and Planes that this was "where [he] really cut his teeth" and found himself as a performer." Further, this dive into the nation's prison system highlighted even more for the aspiring singer-songwriter; Maeson saw with his own eyes how terribly countless individuals at their lowest moments.

Along with Maeson's personal battles with drugs and the legal system, his influences in the prison ministry heavily inspired his debut album, Bank on the Funeral. One of the track's standout singles, "Go Easy," speaks directly to his time interacting with inmates. The track highlights the ability to separate a person from their flaws and to spread forgiveness and patience. Further, Maeson wants the listener to recognize that is is not important to treat someone decently at their highs but to be all the more understanding during the troughs of existence.  

Released via Atlantic Records, Maeson's "Go Easy" video is a lot to take in. The cinematic nature of the video parallels a highly produced film, a tribute to the artistry of the 26-year-old who described himself to Pigeons and Planes as a "film nerd" that's always "wanted to score movies." This love for film shines through on his newest video and does not let down.

The video emphasizes the juxtaposition of Maeson as an inmate and as a regular citizen. This contrast of scenes captures a sense of anxiety, building the distress Maeson faces within his newfound confines. One of the video's most powerful moments includes a climactic peak where Maeson sits alone within a cold and barren prison cell, legs and arms trembling.  

Beyond the video, Maeson's vocal performance is jaw-dropping. His raspy and overtly passionate voice match the strain of the song. With each "Go easy on me," Maeson makes sure to capture the sensation of yearning for just another chance.  With an already strong debut album under his belt, Maeson's most recent artistic endeavor video solidifies his stance as an agent of change.  

Watch the video for  "Go Easy" below and be sure to catch Maeson on his Ones To Watch - presented tour:

For more from Matt Maeson, revisit his moving live rendition of  "Cringe" below.

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