maye's Pastel-Colored Music Is a Dream Given Sonic Shape


Photo:  Fernando Osorio

As I sit twirling the foam at the top of my latte, YouTube's recommendation algorithm has done it again. Time after time, all it takes is one viral video to put someone in the spotlight. Boy Pablo reaped YouTube mysterious power with their music video for "Everytime," Phum Viphurit struck gold with  "Lover Boy," and most famously,  Clairo did the very same way with "Pretty Girl."  

Today, autoplay was on, and I heard a sound like honey, like drifting on cloud nine. I glanced up from my swirling mixture of milk and espresso to be graced by "Tàº," a dreamlike track by an artist who goes by the name of maye.

Naturally, I had to go deeper. I was excited, rather, I was thrilled to hear more. Although, admittedly, there were only a handful of songs. With only three songs to her name, maye has officially been discovered as one to watch.

Personally, I am an avid fan of pastel colors. Pastel colors are soft and inviting but bold nonetheless. Their presence stands out but doesn't scare away. If sound could be pastel, it would be the sound maye has mastered. Latin in its roots, with lyrics often sung in Spanish, calming drums, and lovely chimes, you will find yourself sinking further and further in each time her music graces your ears.  

maye is native to Caracas, Venezuela but was raised in Miami, Florida. Her ties to the Latin country heavily influence her music but it supersedes being strictly labeled as such. With vocal layers drowned in reverb, maye ties in elements of dream pop, indie R&B, anti pop, bedroom pop, and more. Whatever you may call it, it’s beautiful and your ears won't want you to take it off repeat.

maye's music is not exclusively in Spanish. Her track "My Love" is sung in both English and Spanish and contains many of the same elements of "Tàº." However, the bassline on "My Love" and the dreamlike crescendo in the synths, make it a standout track on its own.  

Along with the gorgeous sounds, maye brings forward visuals that could double as standalone pieces of art. Each still frame is a hue of soft gold, with just enough grain to satisfy any VSCO user. The videos match the nostalgic elements of her music, launch you back to a pastel dream of a time you didn't even live through.

Now, sadly, all there is to do is wait for more music. With the release of "Moody," maye has three absolutely wonderful tracks to her name. And with vocals that could calm a crying baby and production that makes the soul melt, the Venezuelan-born artist may have found the perfect formula for crafting music that actually feels like a dream.

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