Meet EAST AV3, the Energetic Trio Bringing an Electrifying Flow to Adelaide [Q&A]

Hailing from Adelaide, high-impact trio EAST AV3 are delivering memorable performances and creating hyperactive tracks that draw listeners into their enthralling world. The three-member hip-hop group consists of Nic Flare, Addison (Kane Trop3z) and Liam (SENSEI).  

Electrifying tones and intoxicating beats accompany their effortless flow. Their music is not one to be bound by ties, keeping their ears piqued for what's to come next. Representing the city of Adelaide, their fiery charisma is all thanks to their close friendship, bonding over creative inspirations and even moving out together into a house on 'East Avenue.'

Their debut single, 2019's "Riding Through the Fire" captures ears with its infectious, addicting beats, while their most recent release, "Olympics," highlights the group's growth and aspirations, showcasing their ever-growing artistry and innovation one song at a time.

Giving us a behind the scenes look into the group, EAST AV3's Nic Flare sat down with Ones To Watch to give us a rundown of their origin, their heavily rooted hip-hop sound, and how the group has evolved over the years.

Ones To Watch: Thanks for chatting with us. So tell us about EAST AV3!

EAST AV3: Okay, cool! So, we're called EAST AV3. Since school, we've sort of started making music and getting some traction from a couple of our songs. This is sort of where we are now. You know, making music together as something fun to do and as a bit of a hobby.

What is the story behind EAST AV3?

We're three friends that met during school and moved into a spot called 'East Avenue' together. We started making music in the spare bedroom of Liam's house, which was sort of how we became a group.

Because you guys are in a group, tell us how the team works. Do your personalities and ideas mesh well?

Our team is pretty good actually! We're all doing our own thing and all working on the music we make. I'm the producer and the other boys are vocalists, so we all got our own jobs and roles to do in the team, so we don't really step on each other's toes. It's all pretty cohesive.

Oh, that sounds good then!

Yeah, and obviously we're best mates, so it's natural that we get along super well. With all mates, you'll have your ups-and-downs every now and then, but because we see each other almost every day we never run into many troubles. Overall, the dynamics are great, and it's just getting better and better.

If that's behind the scenes, how are you all like when performing in front of a crowd?

It's all about having fun really. Being onstage is honestly the most fun and enjoyable bit for us. Obviously, we love making the songs, which is the 'work' aspect of it, but when we perform that's when we can play around and have the most fun.

Do you have some sort of ritual or plan to put on a good show?

The boys a super good at pumping up the crowd and it's not premeditated - just feeding off the crowd's energy, you know? That energy we put out translates to the crowd.

Moving onto your music, how would you describe it?

Our music is hip-hop, but that was because the boys started rapping in a lot of our early tracks. Though, it's changed now, and I wouldn't say that it's 'hip-hoppy' anymore, because the vibes are quite different. Especially, our newest tracks, they're not that hip-hop at all.

Could you compare it to someone else?

That's a hard one. A lot of people say Kanye or even BROCKHAMPTON.

Could you describe it in five words?

I would say: Energetic, electrifying, fun, hype and memorable.

Out of your whole discography, which song represents you the most?

Probably our most recent track "Olympics" with Raj Mahal. It's the most recent one. so it shows our growth.

Would you say it's different to previous songs?

Here's the thing, we haven't released a song in so long and now that we've put this one out to the world, it sounds so fresh and different to what we previously made. Not to say that we don't like the other stuff, it's just that we've already grown and moved onto another journey into our sound.

What has challenged you recently within your music?

The lack of shows probably. Especially since we didn't know what was going to happen or when to release our songs.

How did you stay motivated to make music knowing despite the lack of shows?

It's our favourite thing to do! We just got to push through. Even with our music, if we make something and its trash, it's better than not making anything at all.

You've got a great mindset! So, are you all up to anything musically right now?

We've been working on a new body of work that we're hoping to release early next year! So, watch out for that. It's different. The kind of stuff that we've never done before!

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