myKeL's Sound Can't Be Pinned Down on "i don't see a thing"


Miami-based artist myKeL pulls influences from a variety of places, but applies these influences in a way unique to himself. His past release  "dcmbr" is a self-produced atmospheric take on hip hop, alternative, and pop. The track is most interesting because of its tendency to disregard genre categorization. After listening to “dcmbr,” it was difficult to predict what artistic direction myKeL would go in next.  

His latest single  "i don't see a thing" exceeds the high expectations set from his previous work. The track is a dreamy homage to bedroom pop, but myKeL's melodic delivery is most similar to hip hop or R&B artists. The track also features a guest appearance from the artist bear. The driving electric guitar break halfway through the track is an amazing switch up and helps pull you further into the sonic world of the song.

myKeL continues to be a refreshing new artist that doesn't conform to any rules or expectations.  "i don't see a thing" is an interesting step for myKeL and his artistic direction. He’s slowly building a discography that can’t be compared.

Listen to  "i don't see a thing" by myKeL below:

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