'Niagara' Is Redveil at His Most Unfiltered


Maryland rapper redveil is outpacing his contemporaries on his album Niagara. At only 16 years old, the artist is writing inventive hip hop tracks with lyrics that are wise beyond his years. redveil draws influence from artists such as Earl Sweatshirt, MAVI, and Joey Bada$$, but is able to differentiate himself through his own unique perspective and consistent delivery. At 10 tracks long, Niagara is airtight with almost no filler.

The opening track "Campbell" is the perfect introduction to the project and to redveil for those unfamiliar. The instrumental is sample heavy and incorporates elements of jazz and soul music. "5500" is a personal favorite with a catchy hook and lo-fi vintage production. redveil's energy on the track is unmatched and the guest verse from rapper Gio flows seamlessly.

"Clench" with Chris Patrick is hard-hitting while still staying true to redveil's throwback style and shows him dropping socially conscious bars. The album closes with the track "Pigeonman." The track is ethereal and dreamlike with redveil dropping introspective lyrics, which closes the project effectively.

Niagara shows an immense amount of potential for the Maryland artist. Niagara is unapologetic, raw, and an intelligent display of how redveil views the world around him.  His writing, delivery, and flows are all impressive for any artist, but especially impressive considering his age.

Listen to Niagara by redveil below:

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