$NOT Makes His Formal Debut as Gen Z's Rap Star With  '- Tragedy +'


Photo:  Angela Ricciardi  

This year, $NOT has proven to be the viral rap sensation we have been waiting for. And while he's been successful at securing a loyal fanbase on singles alone, his debut project - Tragedy + gives us even more reason to lose ourselves in his explorative trap sound.

After hooking us with his unforgettably gritty style on hit tracks like "GOSHA" and the  Wifiisfuneral-assisted "BERETTA," - Tragedy +  taps into uncharted stylistic territory and places emphasis on $NOT"s vulnerability-entrenched lyricism. In the midst of his now-trademark booming, somber flows, tracks like "FALL IN LOVE" serve as melodic breaks that not only exhibit $NOT's unexpected vocal ability but provide emotional, introspective depth to $NOT's experience in personal relationships.  

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That is not to say $NOT fully departs from his distinctively-trap production style. "MONARCH" showcases $NOT's ability to match rhythmic basslines with intoxicating wordplay, and we expect it to become the next fan-favorite alongside "MISTAKE (CHOPPA BOY)," which reflect the familiar spunk that got us fixated on his sound in the first place. And closing out the project, "STRANDED *" arrives as a reflective confessional that calls attention to $NOT's episodes of loneliness and isolation. It is a closing sentiment that brings  - Tragedy +  full-circle, $NOT coming to terms with the psychological turmoil he has endured.

And while we have already raved about $NOT quite a bit this year, we promise it's for a good reason. The South Florida native is showing us that trap is multi-dimensional, that there is an undeniable beauty to be found in the eerie, underground rap scene. His captivating lyricism and thematic contributions to the trap soundscape are distinctively his own, and his debut project - Tragedy + showcases $NOT's refined ability to curate a hypnotic sound that has the power to capture a generation.

Listen to - Tragedy + below:

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