Rewind: Our 5 Favorite Music Videos of the Last Week

KiNG MALA - "Hypothetical" 

Proximate biases of having been to the show this fun BTS video was shot at, is there anything more charming than a love letter cast out on Valentines Day to your loyal fans? The answer is no, and with LA’s Echo & Echoplex as the backdrop, a collage of meet n greets, fan reactions and the boisterous live show itself is a perfect way to mellow out this fun & biting tune: Jump in here:

 UNA MIA - “Better Care”

We’ve crushed on UNA since her COLORS debut and, let's just say, her second single with its accompanying, sultry video has us deep in our feels. We love the simple delivery by Director David Dickenson, using just a few angles & depths to Una to light & creative director Bianca Li Channer nailed the concept (obvious aided by the beautiful subject matter). If you need a reason for your heart to skip a beat, watch this:

Dawda - "Wine" 

One of the many takeaways from Afrobeat becoming a global phenomenon is its ability to showcase the enormous, colorful and beautiful diversity within the genre. For a continent that is too often displayed as singular in place & sound, videos like Dawada’s ‘Wine’ showcase the spectrum in such a sultry splendor, its impossible not to be mesmerized. Aided by choreography by Giselle Farhat, this video is too gorgeous to ignore:

Rei Brown - "Get Me Out"

There is way WAY too much to properly surmise in this riveting, beautiful short film (to be debuted at SXSW) by writer, director & editor Daniel Antebi that uses AI to take the splendid tension of the song and splay it in full emotion. A must watch here:

 R E L - “Intuition”

When you see a concept so righteously executed, the evident time and planning on display, you feel a bit embarrassed by not offering enough support. This video effort by the mercurial artist R E L is just such an example, an effort shot & directed by Paige Strabala that pairs perfectly with the single, and while sparse on movement, it pummels you with emotion, matching the songs changes of pace masterfully. Put your face on here:

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