Just Like Remi Wolf, I Can't Get Enough of "Michael"

Photo:  Haley Appell

"Michael, hold my hand and spin me, round until I'm dizzy, loosen up my chemicals."

Today, Remi Wolf drops her single "Michael," and it is everything you didn't expect and more.

Sometimes we will go to great lengths for the attention of a specific person, whether it be posting an Instagram story and maniacally scrolling through the "viewers" looking for their username, or purposefully taking a certain route home so you pass by their workplace. We've all consciously (or subconsciously, who knows) been in our silly goofy moods where we just crave to see that person seeing us - digitally or physically.

"Michael" is a heightened depiction of this narrative. In just under three minutes, Wolf sings an open letter to her beloved "Michael," searching for his presence and slowly spiraling along the way (seriously - shortly after an inaudible scream sound byte, we hear a frustrated Wolf shout "shut the fuck up!"). Towards the end of the tune, she even demands the police teach her their ways. Michael, if you're reading this, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

There are two things I love about Remi Wolf: 1. I never know what to expect - both thematically and instrumentally - when I listen to her music and 2. She manages to take the common topic of "love" and craft stories that revolve around it in its least conventional forms. Production-wise, "Michael" is a departure from the bright, upbeat, poppy songs featured in Juno, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it's refreshing. Instrumentally, "Michael" slows things down while keeping Wolf's signature jovial and unique flair through its subdued funk-pop production. My immediate thoughts while listening to "Michael" for the first time are as follows: magical, sparkly, and feels like putting glitter on your eyelids.

In addition to the release of "Michael" is its official music video. Directed by Haley Appell, the visual complement is nothing short of crisp and colorful. Filmed in Argentina, we watch Wolf search around town for Michael, and towards the end, this "Michael" character seems more like an idea than an actual person. The video carries a similar creative direction as the "Pool" video, where everything looks and feels like a surrealist painting. Like, I swear, I can feel the air blowing and smell the river water through my computer screen while watching. Simply put, the visuals are mesmerizing, hypnotic, and above all, wonderfully Remi Wolf.

"Michael" is one of several singles set to be a part of the Juno Deluxe Album releasing next month.

Watch the  "Michael" video below:

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