Rewind: Our 5 Favorite Music Videos of Last Week

While it’s far too easy to lose ourselves in the deluge of new music releases that grace us every week, one thing that cannot and should not be overlooked is the art of the music video. With the heyday era of MTV long behind us, Rewind sees us taking a look back at a handful of our favorite music videos of the past week.  

Bakar -  "NW3"

Okay, we will admit it, what really makes this video amazing is the fact that Bakar is amazing. If you too have wondered what it'd be like to hang out with this gravel-voiced balladeer, then the video for  "NW3" will solve your best friend desires. A drifty, shot by your friends vibe, day in the life visual jaunt, take it as an invitation to get to know this amazing artist from an intimate POV.

Mamii -  "Intimate"

"Intimate" is a great tune, a driving tune even, but this beautiful effort directed by Kokie Padilla showcases excellent casting and art direction. Pairing a flawless retro car, choice fits full of color, and a handsome male lead, this video bottles up the beauty of the few and makes it wondrously human in scope. All that and a wonderful outro sequence make this video a perfect example of visuals perfectly matching the sonic vibe.  

joe p -  "Off My Mind - Cut Ups Episode One"

As the lines between musician and content creators blur more and more, it's easy to forget how much work can go into crafting a video narrative that conveys the earnest emotions held in a song. A series of 'cut-ups' sees the wondrously intimate nature of joe p's  "Off My Mind" displayed in all its glory (personal highlights include our hero in PJs with a kettle brewing and in the shower). Directed by Tony Yebra, this video serves the same purpose as a serene, inspirational walk with a trusted friend.  

lubalin -  "Nobody else"

Prepare to laugh at this made for phone consumption, surreal effort by the hyperaware content creator lubalin and his director and collaborator JB Proulx. Without giving away too much about this mini drama, imagine an impassioned affair deliberately overacted into raw short form entertainment and so many reasons to click play.

Magsy -  "Noisy Mind"  

I'll reveal two personal biases here, actually three: I just love this uptempo 'I get why you left me' effort by this rising funk-pop artist; the whole dancing my pain away visual was shot within two blocks or where I reside, and I love a good ode to the neighborhood; I always want to include an effort, put together with the help of creative director Tess Bijere and videographer Joe Lombard, that shows you can tell big, beautiful, and poignant stories with small crews and budgets.  

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