Sam Fender Sings of the Joy Found in Hopelessness in "Hypersonic Missiles"


Sam Fender is special; there are no two ways about it. The British songwriter exploded onto the scene last year with his debut EP, Dead Boys, but the gravity his songs carry makes it sound like he has been chronicling the loss, fears, and dystopian visions that are a part human experience since time immemorial. In his latest single, Fender proves just what an invaluable voice he is, musically and beyond.

"Hypersonic Missiles" marks Fender's first taste of new music in 2019 and showcases the wealth of insight contained within this brilliant artist. With deft aim, Fender takes aim at rampant consumerism, worldwide self-destruction, and large-scale apathy in a track that interweaves arresting allusions with arena-ready indie rock. Yet, this is not a tale meant to wallow in.

Fender instills "Hypersonic Missiles" with a sonic scope that almost seems to purposely juxtapose the lived dystopia he presents, bursting into soaring, heart-piercing verse. Fender has found a way to weave a sweeping love story from the ashes of a world currently burning around him.  

Fender spoke on the striking track,  

"In many ways, 'Hypersonic Missiles' is an unorthodox love song. Its main focus is on the world around the narrator, who is a complete tin foil hatter. They are convinced the world is on its last legs; they know that it is rife with injustice but feel completely helpless and lacking the necessary intelligence to change it while remaining hopelessly addicted to the fruits of consumerism. Amongst all the chaos is love and celebration, there is this glimmer of hope that runs through the song, a little notion that no matter what happens, these two people are gonna have a fucking good time regardless of the tyrants that run their world, and regardless of the imminent doom from these 'Hypersonic Missiles.'

At no point throughout its four-minutes run does Fender pretend to present an answer to the growing list of pressing questions "Hypersonic Missiles" brings to the surface. It is a song steeped in joyous desperation at its accepted powerlessness but one that at the very least will not live in continued ignored. We may not know the answer to the earth-shattering concerns "Hypersonic Missiles" raises, but we know that we need Fender's music to light the way.

Listen to Hypersonic Missiles below:

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