Scarypoolparty Cements Himself as a Musical Savant in 'Exit Form'


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Pomona-native Alejandro Aranda, otherwise known as Scarypoolparty, is an artist with a wide-ranging ability to craft sonic masterpieces. Originally honing his craft playing local backyard shows and various open mic nights, it wasn't long before the young artist found his identity as a performer. With this, Aranda took his next career step and found himself giving reality television a try. With the help of American Idol, Scarypoolparty was introduced to the world as a one-of-a-kind voice with a charming personality to match. He left his work as a dishwasher in favor of music and has not looked back since.  

With several breakthrough tracks, such as "Out Loud" and "10 Years," the young artist has already begun his inevitable ascent. However, as fall draws to a close, Scarypoolparty is making sure to put forward his raw artistry and show the world he is capable of crafting a beautiful full-length project.  Exit Form  sees Scarypoolparty as an artist ready to present a unique vision to a worldwide audience.

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With help from TJ Routon, Scarypoolparty helped cowrite and coproduce his debut album, bringing forward a massive range of emotion and musical styles. From wide ambient soundscapes to dreamy pop bangers, Aranda is showing his ability to supersede any and all limitations.  

Exit Form opens with the nearly seven-minute "Black Cross," presenting a blissful soundscape populated with cascading synths that eventually blossoms into a bleak alternative track with a strong guitar and banging drums. As the track draws to its close, it once again returns to the gentle synth-based ambient wonderland, graced with gorgeous keys that are a veritable blessing. The framing on this track is masterful and is a true testament to the artistry that Aranda has displayed throughout his short yet prodigious career. In an impressive manner, he is able to capture such a wide range of musicality on just one track alone, serving as a brief summary of the style of the rest of the album.

A few of the album's highlights include "Millenial Love," the previously-released "Cholo Love," and the remastered rendition of "Out Loud." On "Millenial Love" Aranda showcases his ability to craft a gentle melodic pop-rock with dreamy guitar melodies and arid vocals. The song touches upon themes of being too preoccupied with screens to see a love that is right in front of you. The chorus echoes, "This millennial love is something else," as Scarypoolparty jumps into his smooth upper vocal register.  

On "Cholo Love," Scarypoolparty makes use of a strong vocal melody, staccato keys, and thudding programmed drums. With robotic vocal layers and various electronic breakdowns, Aranda once again brings forward an entirely new element in his music. The track's progression once again highlights the wide palette of sound he has at his disposal.  

Ultimately, Exit Form  draws to a close with "Out Loud," an acoustic number that allows for the raw vocal talent of Scarypoolparty to take center stage. The quick-paced guitar playing complemented by the rich coos Aranda chirps into the sky is a breathtaking and a blissful sendoff to his debut album.  

From backyard shows to American Idol to finally gracing the world with his debut album, Scarypoolparty has quickly surpassed his humble beginnings. With an unparalleled level of artistry and a knack for creating elaborate genre blends, the future is glowing for the 25-year-old singer, songwriter, and all-around artist. Exit Form is the album the world was expecting and more, so with this, let the legacy of Scarypoolparty truly begin.

Listen to Exit Form  below:

For more from Scarypoolparty, revisit his breathtaking rendition of  "Out Loud" below.

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