Skip Waiters Takes Aim With Fervent "Handgun" Visual [Premiere]

Photo:  Christina Martin

Rife with staccato bravado familiar to fans of Kendrick Lamar, Skip Waiters delivers a plot twist on "Handgun," a short and sweet offering with an off-kilter backing beat that suggest your typical hip-hop tropes, but it is decidedly anything but.  

Instead, Waiters delivers on a hidden romantic message of fortitude brought on by a life partner, the fearlessness of intimate support that allows for portable poise wherever you go, much like the false criminal conventions given to some by a handgun. One of the excellent singles off the Toronto natives mixtape Personal Stereo, this is the first to get a visual treatment, and we're happier for it, as it gives a layered look at Waiters' vision, both as an artist and producer.

Directed by both Waiters and Noah Douglas, the vibrancy and nuance of Waiters' persona is evident, as he struts, postures, pensively sits, and conducts from a stool the entire shoot (his humor is prime as well, keep your eyes tuned for the quick references). In short order, just barely breaking beyond the two-minute mark, Waiters' creative depth and versatility make him the proverbial one to watch, and keen eyes will be kept on this young storyteller, as one does when someone is packing heat (even if it is just a weapon of mass dedication).

Listen to  "Handgun" below:

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