slenderbodies Treasures Creativity with Signature Downtempo Melodies In "dewdrops"


California's ultimate dynamic duo, slenderbodies proudly sings, writes, produces, and mixes all of their breathtaking discography without squandering a single second on mediocrity. Comprised of Max Vehuni and Benji Cormack, slenderbodies designs a chilling soundscape with airy instrumentals and organic vocals that has become truly one of a kind. With "dewdrops" being a bountiful preview of slenderbodies' forthcoming debut album, we're definitely stoked for what's to come next from this talented duo.

Reflecting on the gratifying fulfillment we experience at certain places, slenderbodies shares a calm love letter addressed to their creative spaces by way of "dewdrops." With exhilarating guitar plucks paired with soothing electronics, "dewdrops" is a flawless showcase of slenderbodies' signature sound all while proving their deep appreciation for their musical craft. The luscious downtempo melodies of slenderbodies are once again satisfying our undeserving ears with "dewdrops," and we couldn't be more pleased.

On "dewdrops," slenderbodies shared,

"'dewdrops' is a surreal take on our creative spaces and how they hold a place of sanctity in our lives. This track is the introvert's muse, essentially normalizing and validating the need to hide away in order to create. The song came from a brief moment of realization walking back into the home studio one day. We were so used to stepping into nature and having a feeling of peace as you notice the melody in the details outdoors. It took a small moment of reflection to realize that we get a similar feeling of peacefulness, even extending to bliss by stepping into our creative haven. We wanted to write 'dewdrops' as a love letter to the creative spaces we have. We felt the song should be this surreal, hypnotic moment on the record. It's not about any point of reflection, or any place in the future. This song encourages us to be present in your spaces that we made and find peace in that."

Treasure your creative spaces with "dewdrops" below:

For more on slenderbodies, check out their incredible performance of "king:"

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