Slow Hollows' "Get Along" Is the Perfect Component to Your Next Late-Night Drive


Photo:  David Altobelli

"Get Along" is a song that rings like a late-night drive down the PCH with the windows down. The latest by LA-based band Slow Hollows is a must-add to your summer slow jams playlist.

The song, which was created with the help of Swedish producer, songwriter and musician Bjà¶rn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John, is full of spacey, hypnotizing synth sounds and a chalky beat that grows as the song progresses. The indie post-punk song is simply captivating. Some fans commented that the band's sound is maturing with  "Get Along," and we can't help but agree that this nostalgia-inducing track is a step in the right direction.

Listen to the track for yourself below:

This is the band's first release of the year, and it's paired with a DIY old home-style video. The split-screen concept is dizzying as two separate narratives take place. The left image blares with flashing lights as a beguiling performance by singer Austin Anderson unfolds in a living room.  

The right screen portrays Anderson brushing his teeth, washing dishes, and carrying out other daily activities. The singer, who has collaborated with artists like Tyler, The Creator on his Flower Boy project and Frank Ocean's Blonde, sings about struggles with himself and in his relationship. In "Get Along," he discusses hope of redemption of what was once existed and is no longer there.  

Watch the entrancing video for "Get Along" below:

Read more of what Ones to Watch thinks about the indie quartet here.

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