sophie meiers' Haunting New Vision Is "unforgettable"

Photo: @vixxion on Instagram

sophie meiers is an artist that constantly defies expectation at each and every turn. The 20-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer spent the better part of the last two years exploring varying sounds and moods, from smoky R&B jazz clubs to textured lofi-inspired daydreams. And even as an artist who has never lingered on a particular sound for too long, her latest single feels like her most adventurous departure to date.

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"unforgettable" paints meiers as a veritable indie rock siren. Its minimalistic soundscape, accentuated by distant guitars and atmospheric production, evoke the likes of female-fronted powerhouses of yore. Yet, meiers vision remains a distinctively modern one. Seemingly equally as inspired by early '90s rock bands as she is with pop's darker side, "unforgettable" exquisitely balances its reverence with moments of revelation.

"You are unforgettable / I confuse what you want from her / You forced me out / You bore me down," coos meiers in a hushed, restrained whisper. It is a disquieting vocal control that feels ready to boil over at a moment's notice, mirroring her own growing frustration surrounding the object of her affection and scorn. The result is a haunting vision that is uniquely meiers own.

"unforgettable" is set to be the first release from a forthcoming larger body of work, which meiers expanded further on in an Instagram post, sharing,

"for the past two years i have only put out a couple releases working furiously on writing for a bigger project - the music i've been sitting on is the most meaningful body of work i have to date, and i can't wait to show you this new direction."

"unforgettable" is exactly that. It is a newfound direction for meiers and one we cannot wait to further discover in the year to come.

Listen to "unforgettable" below:

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