spill tab Is the Gen Z Duo Looking to Leave a Dreamy Mark on Pop

New York-based singer-producer duo Claire Chicha and David Marinelli perform under the name spill tab. With only two singles out on major streaming services, Chicha and Martinelli have already charmed their way into the hearts and playlists of bedroom pop fans everywhere.

Featuring Claire's vocal prowess and David's production chops, the three-minute debut single "Decompose" showcases the heights of their creative potential. The hypnotic synths and electric guitar provide a smooth soundscape over which Claire's layered vocals shine.

"Calvaire," spill tab's breakout single, is a dreamy pop song with R&B and electronic sensibilities. The stripped-down percussion and rhythmic thumping of the bass create a hypnotic soundscape to get lost in. Chicha's vocals float in and out of focus as the lush instrumentation swirls around her voice.

Chicha's lilt, soft yet decisive, is the focus of both songs. Her voice commands the room as the centerpiece of each track. The French-Korean artist often sings in French, seamlessly shifting between multiple languages.

spill tab represents the trajectory of forward-facing pop. With one foot in bedroom pop and the other in lo-fi electronica, Chica and Marinelli are leading the march towards a new form of pop where quality precedes classification. With bilingual tendencies and genre-bending capabilities, spill tab is the future of Gen Z music.

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