St. Panther Is Aspiring For "Greatness" [Q&A]

Photo: Lili Peper

The idea of "Greatness" is at the core of  Los Angeles artist St. Panther's latest enthralling single. It is not a greatness satiated by tangible, momentary highs or copping the next drop, but one found by taking the time to celebrate oneself and the community around them. Released as a double single alongside "Places," which slows things down to unveil another impressive side of St. Panther's artistic vision, it's little surprise then that  "Greatness" plays out like a victory lap, measured by an effervescent bounce and nonchalant charm.

We had the chance to speak with St. Panther about their latest double release, taking the time to celebrate themselves, and the latinx artist who inspires them above all else.  


Ones to Watch: Hi Hi, big fans, but if we weren't already who is St. Panther?

St. Panther: Hi! St. Panther is a nonbinary Mexican/Colombian musician/producer/songwriter stationed in LA at the moment.

You have such a bold sound and personality. How is your artist self different from you the individual, if at all?

Thank you! Recently, I’m feeling less of a separation between the two. I’m not the kind of person where either hat comes off/my art feels like an identity apart from my core self. If I had to put a difference on them, I’d say my artistic identity is more extroverted and my personal identity is more lowkey, I’m in on weekends watching Gossip Girl.

What's "Greatness" all about?

“Greatness” is about taking stock of your blessings and celebrating yourself, your community, and your life whenever you can. It’s about being thankful for where you already are, and starting to resonate with our abundance from that perspective.

What's "Places" all about?

“Places” is a little more loaded. The inspiration behind it speaks more from my own personal journey. This year, my music has seen so many blessings, and it’s allowed me to remember where I came from. It’s a bit of a “you wouldn’t believe where I’ve been to get here” kind of song. And for those listening, for me it’s all about giving them a place to go to relate this music to their own stories. For comfort, really. A lot of us have been places people wouldn’t believe.

What made you pair them together? Is there any interwoven connection between the two?

The pairing actually came from combining the videos to both of these songs together. In “Greatness,” you see my life now. In “Places”, you see a bit of my life growing up. The theme of having them together is a bit of a before and after.

We love Ricky Reed, what's it like to work with him?

Ricky! I love him too. You know how Harry had Dumbledore? Ricky is a lot like that. A guiding force, a friend, but someone who genuinely brings the magic out of you. He has his own special way. The questions he asks, the things he seeks for in a song. We’re always learning from each other.

Can we expect more of this sound in the future? Or are your influences too broad to be locked in?

I think we can count on my music staying explorative, always. But more of these last two sounds I just gave? There’s tons of, and I can’t wait to share even more.

What else should we be on the lookout for?

Have a music video for “Places” coming in a couple of weeks. I’ll be in two songs on the new Benny Sings Beat Tape II project out in December. More on a movie I’m scoring/a show I’m excited to have my music featured on soon! Top secret for now..

Outside of music, what inspires you?

Right now, a lot in my personal life is changing, and at first it was a little daunting, but I’m drawing a lot of inspiration from it recently.

Who is your One to Watch?

To me, Arca does no wrong. As a latinx musician, I’m just so excited that the boundaries of the music coming from our cultures are being broken and what was once conventional for a latinx artist is now being completely reinvented through artists like Arca.

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