Stephanie Poetri's 'Do You Love Me' Will Have You Ditching the Slow Love Songs


When you hear the phrase "they love me, they love me not" you probably think of a hopeless romantic sitting on a bench somewhere picking at flower petals. Stephanie Poetri's latest outing, Do You Love Me, takes this idea and drapes it over a catchy beat, turning a starry-eyed image into a pop tune that will have you ditching the slow songs this Valentine's Day.

The 88rising signee has a track record of gifting us with uplifting, cheerful songs, and she has done it again, twice. This time, Poetri meshes the balladic nature of her single "I Love You 300" with her buoyant dance tune "Appreciate" to create both "Do You Love Me" and  "Touch." With simple production, these upbeat, charming love songs radiate with warmth and form the basis of Poetri's debut mini-EP.

Like that hopeless romantic on the bench, hearing these songs might have your mind wondering about a certain someone. Whether you are spending time with your valentine or your friends today, "Do You Love Me" and  "Touch" will have you dancing the day away.

Watch the  "Do You Love Me" and  "Touch" videos below:  

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