Taylor Acorn Wears Heart On Her Sleeve In New EP 'Certified Depressant' [Track By Track] | THE NOISE

Pop-punk singer-songwriter Taylor Acorn's forthcoming EP, Certified Depressant, out on September 22, is a whirlwind collection of diary-esque creations documenting the last few years of her life. Armed with life's lessons, the eight-track body of work oozes with emotion and showcases the artist's growth and ability to write deeply relatable works of sonic art.

Each song details her experiences with her struggles with her mental health, losing and finding love, life, and everything in between. The EP takes you through a rollercoaster of emotions that mirror how we can sometimes go through life. The record shares that life can be a little crazy and overwhelming at times, but we are all on this crazy ride together.

While we would love to list every song we loved on the EP, we had the honor of inviting Acorn to walk us through their track-by-track thoughts on the stellar EP.