ThxSoMch Makes a Dark, Intoxicating Breakthrough With “SPIT IN MY FACE!”

Cutthroat and crass, “SPIT IN MY FACE!” is the dark indie rock anthem for anyone self-imprisoned by a treacherous love.

Charting around the globe, ThxSoMch has found what feels like an immediate success without exploiting much of who he is. Aside from a relatively personable TikTok, he lives in an eclipsed identity, and the anonymity plays beautifully into the haunting tone of his breakout track.

The post-punk single has caught fire quickly, garnering over seven million plays on Spotify and counting within the first week of its release. Surpassing other revered tracks like “Imperfect Girl” and “ONLY NEED MY BABY!,” this is without a doubt the single that will catapult ThxSoMch into the stratosphere.

So what is it about “SPIT IN MY FACE!” that’s so hauntingly captivating? With lyrics that spew the grit of love-fueled rage laid over a raunchy sonic mosh pit, it’s a hard one not to be intoxicated by the rising artist's emotional snarl. ThxSoMch has found pleasure in his suffering, preferring to bleed out in the hands of his neglectful lover than to bloom in their absence.

Capturing the attention of the world, ThxSoMch has built a home for longing hearts. As “SPIT IN MY FACE!” proves, love can be poisonous, but sometimes it isn’t the poison that kills us but our willingness to keep drinking.

Watch the "SPIT IN MY FACE!" lyric video below:

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