ThxSoMch Delves Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole in "Sprial"

Photo: Lucas O.M.

Rising Toronto-based artist ThxSoMch continues his reign of dark and brooding alternative music with a bite with the reveal of his latest single, "Spiral." With sonic elements that scream classic ThxSoMch blending in with soundscapes and production that feels reminiscent of iconic acts like Deftones, the young musician delivers another piece of work that's equal parts genre-pushing and innovative.

Opening with rumbling guitar riffs and thrumming bass, "Spiral" launches into a collage of sound fueled by driving percussion and the singer's expressive vocals. Introducing the hook, he sings, "Can we just burn up our wee stress? / Roll it up in a spiral...Your teeth sunk right into me, well / You sure brought me to life," framing it with the moody instrumentation and sending listeners down into audible oblivion. As the track continues winding on, his gravelly vocals are further accented with layers of flourishing screams, intensifying, angsty guitar and bass lines, and crashing cymbal-heavy drum patterns before suddenly ending and waking listeners up from ThxSoMch's dreamscape.

"It might be about getting high and leaving your worries and anxieties behind. It might be about things coming and going. It might be about mentally spiraling out of control. It's about whatever the listener needs it to be about - I don't care."

The accompanying music video, directed by Tommy Killjoy, sees the artist in a junkyard with friends with aesthetics that add to the track's almost otherworldy, hazy vibe. Visions of heavenly light emanating from the walls, angel feathers falling from the ceiling, a figure trying to break free from a couch (?), and blood-stained teeth intercut scenes of the singer giving an impassioned performance of the track to no one, drawing the viewer in deeper to make sense of the chaotic and entrancing world.

"Spiral" follows "Waste My Mind" as the second new single ThxSoMch has shared since the release of his acclaimed debut EP Sleez. The eight-track collection debuted in the Top 15 on Billboard's Heatseekers Albums chart. Upon release, Ones To Watch proclaimed, "ThxSoMch has created a record full of unyielding energy, gut-wrenching lyrics, and powerful hooks that hit listeners hard." ThxSoMch is gearing up to make his eagerly anticipated live debut on the upcoming Sleez World Tour. The seven-city trek will kick off on September 5 in Warsaw, Poland at Hyrbrdy and make its way across major cities throughout Europe and the US before wrapping up on September 21 in Chicago, IL.

Watch the "Spiral" video below:

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