Tommy Newport and EARTHGANG Collide on "Stargazer"


Fresh off the success of his 2021 EP Ultra Mango, rising indie pop icon Tommy Newport is showing no signs of slowing down. This week he returns to us with his latest single "Stargazer," featuring none other than Atlanta hip-hop duo EARTHGANG. Together the two deliver a bouncy yet laid-back bop primed for spring weather, and though it's been a while since we've heard from EARTHGANG (I'm still hooked on 2019's Mirrorland), their collective chemistry is still off-the-charts.  

Though in its first few listens "Stargazer" may appear like a relatively down-tempo track from Tommy Newport, the young pop singer utilizes infectious basslines and guest appearances from EARTHGANG to provide fans with one of the most polished tracks I've heard this season.

Perfect for your socially-distanced excursions, Tommy Newport and EARTHGANG trade performances so effortlessly that I wouldn't be surprised if he became EARTHGANG's third member next week. With punchy hip-hop percussion and a nostalgic set of piano chords, the jazz-indie mix serves as the perfect foundation for the three artists to create a sentimental yet bittersweet banger.  

"Stargazer" is far from Tommy Newport's first release of 2021, and it will likely be far from his last as well. If you're a fan of his newest track, the indie pop artist has a wide trove of music waiting to be tapped into - both for new and old fans alike. If this is your first time listening to EARTHGANG, gently remove your head from the sand surrounding it and take a deep dive on their Spotify immediately. While I cross my fingers that we see another collab from these two artists in the future, I'm fine with keeping "Stargazer" in my weekly rotation until then.

Listen to  "Stargazer" below:

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