Tommy Newport's "Movie Screen"  Will Have You Dancing With the Devil


Photo:  Jon J

Singer, songwriter, and producer Tommy Newport has released a dangerously addictive new track entitled "Movie Screens." It is hard not to bop along with Newport as he encapsulates all the fun of a lively party scene with his straightforward funk-inspired sound.

The jazzy guitar featured throughout the track plus Newport's daring falsetto is the perfect combination to make the song play in your head hours on end. “Movie Screen" is as catchy as it is cool. This is a more developed sound for Newport, leaning more towards the upbeat, guitar-driven modern funk vibes that were hinted at throughout his debut album, as opposed to his more characteristic rock-fueled sound. With blunt vocals on the verses and bouncy percussion, this is a song you cannot miss out on.

This seductive track is basically about dancing with the devil if that devil was a woman you met at a bar who is practically playing you. It's fun, it's playful, but reality hits when she depletes your checking account and the heat of the moment fades away. The song is a wonderful representation of the phrase,  "it was fun while it lasted," but now how am I going to pay for an Uber home? "Movie Screen" is a playful track that doesn't take itself so seriously, and we like it that way.

You can listen to Newport's latest track "Movie Screen" below.

With a debut album released last year,  and a North American headlining tour under his belt, we're excited to see what Newport has in store for us. But for now, you can watch Newport perform his new song "Movie Screen" on COLORS below:

You can also experience a day in the life of the English-born, Kansas-raised indie rocker in our hometown feature below:

If you're yearning for more, you can click here and read more of what Ones to Watch has to say about Newport's insatiable tunes.

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