Towa Bird’s “Boomerang” Embraces the Painful Push and Pull of a Long Distance Relationship

Photo: Thong Luc

Towa Bird’s “Boomerang,” the latest single from her forthcoming debut album, is a shimmering indie rock anthem revealing the reality of a long-distance relationship. 

The guitar acts as one of the main voices of "Boomerang," fittingly sharing the spotlight with the artist-songwriter-guitarist-powerhouse’s dynamic voice. There are elements of Britpop in the melodic instrumental writing but also angsty twinges of punk in the punchy drums. It’s raw and cathartic, juxtaposing gritty, distorted moments against soft-spoken lines that are delicate to the touch. Bird is a mastermind of catchy melodies, infusing every guitar line and vocal part with infectious energy. 

“This song was born after spending a glorious but short-lived five days visiting my girlfriend,” shares Bird. “I stepped off the plane back in L.A. after crying into my face mask for the entirety of the six-hour flight, and the concept for ‘Boomerang’ was born. It’s about how long-distance relationships are possibly the worst thing ever invented — the worst party ever. (Pro-tip: don’t do it!) But if you do happen to find yourself in that sort of scenario, just know that me and this song will meet you there.”

“Boomerang” sonically embodies the push-and-pull of a long-distance relationship. It’s free in sound but also grasps for love; it’s youthful but jaded. Ambient synths twinkle around the driving beat and guitar chords, representing the romanticism that still exists alongside the ache of missing one another. Bird has built a perfectly bright, indie-rock-summer-road-trip track and cast it in a shroud of yearning. It’s made to be featured in a coming of age movie, playing over that iconic bittersweet, “parting ways” scene at the end.

“Boomerang” is an ode to love that is just as good as it is gut-wrenching, the kind of song you could cry to one day and smile with the next. Bird wears her heart on her sleeve with this alternative fusion, nodding to the exciting sounds listeners can look forward to on her upcoming album. 

Watch the "Bommerang" visualizer below:

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