Wallows Deliver on the Heartfelt and Dynamic "I Don't Want to Talk"


Photo: Anthony Pham

Wallows is a band that has never shied away from balancing emotionally-laden subject matter with infectious hooks and euphoric instrumentation. Comprised of Braeden Lemasters, Cole Preston, and Dylan Minnette, it's a testament to the tight-knit trio's candid songwriting and free-spirited sense of musicality that combines the appeal of losing yourself in a backyard DIY show with all the intimacy of trading late-night secrets.

"I Don't Want to Talk," the latest rapturous single from Wallows, builds on the band's continued hot streak to deliver on a single that is equal parts earworm and stirring confessional. Over an array of dynamic, jangly instrumentation that immediately hits its stride and never quite lets up, the trio touch on the all-consuming toll of racing, anxious thoughts that ultimately do more harm than good. "I'm not alright, but I don't need comfort / I don't want to talk," sing Dylan and Braeden in a seemingly paradoxical statement that makes far too much sense for anyone who has dealt with persistent feelings of insecurity.

Juxtaposing the track's driving energy, Wallows' latest single is rooted in an unshakable sense of uncertainty. "'I Don't Want to Talk' is ultimately a song about insecurities. Not only in yourself, but in this case, particularly in a relationship. It centers around the fear of being away from someone for too long and that ultimately allowing the other person's head to be turned by someone else, and instead of expressing those fears, completely shutting down and not wanting to talk about it at all," shares Dylan.

"I Don't Want to Talk" marks the first taste of new music from the trio since the release of their Remote EP earlier this year. In addition to the new single and accompanying Jason Lester-directed music video, Wallows have recently announced that they will be embarking on the first part of their 2020 'Tell Me That It's Over' tour.

Watch the "I Don't Want to Talk" Video below:

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