Weekly Roundup: Duckwrth Helps Us "Find A Way", and More of the Best New Music


Photo By: Tray Duplessis

Starting this Friday and every Friday, we'll be bringing you the best new music, videos, and news that released or that we discovered this week. This will be in addition to our weekly playlist.

DUCKWRTH - "FIND A WAY" ft. Alex Mali, Radio Ahlee, and Bayli

"We gon have to find a way" is chanted over and over in this energetic anthem by Duckwrth. With everything going on in our world right now, this sentiment is felt by throes of people. The eclectic Los Angeles native has always spoke truth to power in his music but with the recent rise in unrest, "Find A Way" has resonated exponentially. The CGI video has released and provides a much-needed four-minute escape into Duckwrth's animated universe. - Malc.


Have we waited too long for M-Pop? AQUIHAYAQUIHA’s latest video for “Ya No Es Igual” suggests we have. Color and art directed to match its exuberance sonic energy, the anti-boyband boyband vibes will slide in perfectly with the current meta of charmed melodic angst in the vein of BROCKHAMPTON and Laundry Day. If you need a soundtrack to lighten the hot air of your quarantine condiment, strongest suggest you click thru. - DJ Connor

Emeryld - "97 Gold Infiniti"

Twenty three year-old singer Emeryld is back with "97 Gold Infiniti", the first release from her upcoming project Time Enough, At Last due out later this year. Emeryld provides some airy R&B over some mellow production that's perfect for a long night-time drive. - Malc.

The Beths - "Jump Rope Grazers"

We’ll be diving into more music from down under this summer and the Beths new album and title track “jump Rope Grazers” makes us sorry not sorry. Check out the lead singles video that director Annabel Kean called “a total heartbreaker, huge feelings track” because you’ll have the very same unresolved feelings for sleeping on this band.“ - DJ Connor

Sinead Harnett - "Stickin" (feat. Masego & VanJess)

Sinead Harnett is one of our favorite voices coming out of the UK right now. "Stickin'" is the first single from her upcoming sophomore album and it features OTW favorites Masego and VanJess (fun fact: everyone on this song has performed at our All Eyes On showcase). I've been a fan of Sinead since the early Soundcloud days so to see her growth from then has been amazing to see. On "Stickin'", and like many of her songs, she knows how to fuse traditional R&B elements with tinges of electronic to consistently produce music that sounds familiar but futuristic. Ready to hear what her upcoming album has in store. - Malc.

Demie Cao - "Sage"

We kind of slept on Demie’s debut track "Yung” but after hearing her second single “Sage” co-authored by Miguel Holly, we are not sleepy anymore (go with the Mandarin version for extra caffeinated effect). The video shot in Hong Kong, is the perfect backdrop in delivering the irreverent colorful bombast the song demands, and Demie stylistically matches the locations with her streetwear looks & lyrical confidence.. Alright we're awake, we’ll look out for her debut Airplane Mode soon. - DJ Connor


Texas-based singer Teezo Touchdown released a song that is too timely to ignore. "Strong Friend" echoes the cultural sentiment of people needing to check in on their strong friend. Sometimes the friend in your circle who seems to have it all together may be hurting the most. This is some sage advice we should all heed this climate. Over a Beach Boys-y guitar riff, Teezo Touchdown confesses the importance of supporting the people in your life, no matter how strong they may seem - Malc.

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