Rewind: Our 5 Favorite Music Videos of the Last Week

1. ‘Damn Gloves' serpentwithfeet ft. Ty Dolla $ign: With an opening lyric like “hold you closer than those damn gloves,” one can only anticipate the tightly focused visuals needed to bring this alt, eerie bangers to life. Lead by director Micaiah Carter & DP Ayinde Anderson, a deft collection of tightly held shots in a darkly lit boudoir club, keeps the itentsity high and passionate protagonists in frame, right into an even more sexy embrace. If you like your songs sexy & the visuals even more so, click here: 

2. ’Sequins’ Jack Kane: Best served by those with youthful elegance, a series of portrait style compositions takes Jack Kane’s newest single to a shimmering height, stylized by making the most of Jack’s earnest & handsome visage. Directed by Jacob Dudman, who clearly had a sartorial approach in mind, the visualize plays out like the spine of a fashion mag, with beautiful colorful landscaped mixed with b&w nearly still shots. A video that has the texture of a painting, truly inspirational & a great accompaniment to the anthemic song: 

3. ‘Boys In The Band’ Lambrini Girls: Taking a riot grrrl approach to a PSA, the Lambrini Girls literally put the dickheads in the band on notice with this rambunctiously self-aware video that takes the excess of punk aesthetic, including its proto-male excesses and flushing it down the tilt like proverbial vomit. Director Harry Steel brings this hold no bar announcement to its fine edge, never relenting on the energy of the song, the power of the message, the angst of its authors. Must watch here: 

4. ‘Normal People’ Lovejoy: A perfect song tackles its cultural milieu, slipstreaming into a moment, a moment or in this case a meme perfectly. Directed by Ted Nivision, the boys of Lovejoy take the highshcool / bad family portoirt meme & accelerate it to its surrealist extreme, with the fits to match. If you want your meme existence a reality, punch in here: 

5. ‘Darkness’ SWEET SPINE: If you need some moody grunge era nostalgia, and all its wondrously choppy, picture in picture, in and out of focus glory then this throw back by SWEET SPINE will hit hard without irony. Director & DP Tucker Smith leaned into almost every early to mid 90s MTV era cliche and brought them out of the proverbial graveyard with panache. Indulge in the gritty, dowrning, blood riddled mosh pit of your dads youth here: 

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