Wet Examines Dependency in Folky  "Old Bone" and  "Trust No Man - Acoustic"


Indie-folk trio Wet have us falling in love with whispery perfection in their latest tracks, "Old Bone" and "Trust No Man - Acoustic." Both songs exhibit the dependence felt in a relationship through deeply personal lyrics and ethereal melodies. Lead singer Kelly Zutrau's hauntingly soft vocals perfectly illustrate the intimacy of Wet's delicate songs.

Folky "Old Bone" touches on the exhaustion felt from succumbing to others' needs. Zutrau's breathy vocals tell the story of giving everything to another person, just to feel emotionally drained with nothing but that person left. Backed by flawless guitar licks and pops of piano, "Old Bone" truly displays Wet's diversity.  

The music video for "Old Bone" is a cinematic masterpiece. Filled with artistic shots of lead singer Kelly Zutrau singing in the freezing snow mixed with moments of scenery and hypnotic blue graphics, it truly captures the essence of "Old Bone." The cool tones reflect the disheartening feeling of being completely devoted to someone, but not getting much in return.

The second track, "Trust No Man - Acoustic," utilizes ambient synth sounds blended with tender guitar to portray an optimistic outlook on finding a soulmate, despite having a broken heart in the past. Although Zutrau is "trust[ing] no man," she will still continue to search for someone to love. Ending in an angelic fade similar to "Old Bone," "Trust No Man - Acoustic" is a hopeful ballad about the continued search for love, despite a few bumps in the road.

Be sure to experience  "Old Bone" and "Trust No Man - Acoustic" live at one of the dates below:


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