WIIGZ on Embracing Confidence, TikTok, and Their Close Friendship [Q&A]

Emerging from the city of Brisbane, Australia, electrifying duo WIIGZ are the embodiment of female empowerment, sporting self-induced confidence and boundless charisma. Comprised of bassist Zoe Hilditch and vocalist Hannah Brydon, the pair blend disco-pop, funk, and a touch of soul into their intoxicating basslines and peerless bravado.  

The two not only create tracks reminiscent of Dua Lipa, Daft Punk, and Confidence Man, but also self-direct, produce, and edit all the visuals that accompany their releases. An expansive project spearheaded into a fulfilling audio-visual production, WIIGZ are a powerful pair armed with flair and finesse.

An instant connection unfolding in 2018, WIIGZ is still within their relative infancy, only starting the group in 2020. Their 2021 single "Red Hot Pants" flaunts smooth, sassy, and sensual vocals accompanied by a mellow sonic backdrop, urging you to let your hair down and feel the groove of the basslines.

Finding viral success on TikTok for their fashion and attitude, WIIGZ are capturing audiences through their striking visuals and aura. While fame on TikTok is driven by their current style inspo clips, the pair hope to gain recognition through their music - a goal that seems well on its way to fruition.

Through an exclusive interview with the girls, we got a look into the Brisbane music scene, the origin of the name WIIGZ, as well as their ambitions for 2022. It's looking bright for the girls as they prepare to tour with fellow Australian indie pop duo Client Liaison.

Ones To Watch: Finally great to meet you both! Tell me about yourself

Zoe: I'm Zoe, I'm one half of WIIGZ. I play bass and help with co-producing. WIIGZ is a joint project across the board with music, visuals, and just everything.

Hannah: I'm Hannah, I'm the vocalist and the co-collaborator in the music making. I do more of the still images and edit those, while Zoe does more of the moving images.

Love the name WIIGZ by the way. Where'd the name come from?

Zoe: It was in 2018, when Hannah was staying over for a month. I feel like that's when our friendship really took off. We even shared a sickness ha ha! One night, we were being silly and getting a bit drunk, and I look over and these two glowing plastic wigs were just beaming from under my bed. We put them on and just knew that was the name.

You both seem super close, how did you two meet?

Hannah: We met in film school!

Zoe: Within the first week of film school in 2018, so we've known each other for four years. We met then, and it was instant connection. Though, we didn't start WIIGZ properly until end of 2020, but we've always known we wanted to do it.

What's the music scene like in Brisbane? Do you think you fit nicely into the scene there?

Hannah: I feel like there's a huge jazzy undertone to a lot of the music made in Brisbane. There's definitely a lot of soul too. We're much more on the pop outskirts. There's three of us that make our music; so myself, Zoe and James, our producer. We all have very different musical tastes.

Zoe: Yeah! I'd definitely say there's a wide variety of genres across Brisbane. We're all influenced by each other, we're all pretty tight knit, there's no separation but more so a friendly environment.  

How do you keep the chemistry flowing between you two?

Zoe: It's always fun between us, performing is super fun too. We've only been a group for about a year but even now it's super different. The energy and having fun are so important to us.

Moving onto your music, how would you describe it?

Hannah: High-energy, sassy, groovy songs with a sick bassline, and a bit of a higher beat. It's really fun to play live. We like to make our lyrics sassier and even a bit cheeky, usually influenced by the things around us.

Zoe: It's always evolving, but we definitely have a sound though. One way to describe it would be that our different interest in genres come together. I generally like soul and funk, while Hannah is more camp, club hit songs - one's that have really catchy phrases.

You guys have been killing it on TikTok. What made you want to start posting?

Zoe: We started by doing dance videos, like how everyone does ha ha! Embodying that confident and free vibe, we'd just pull out these weird moves out of nowhere and post it. I guess we just started because we knew it was a great platform, but it definitely evolved into "Hot Girl Sh*t." It's fun but we'd love to have our account lean more towards our music. There's nothing wrong with having a balance, just embracing what we've got.

Hannah: Yeah, it's super fun and empowering but it's not really our focus and direction right now. Maybe that's the goal for 2022 - know what we want and go for it!

Speaking of 2022, are you looking forward to anything?

Hannah: We're just really focusing on our music and are about to go on tour with Client Liaison!

Anything else you want to tell us?

Zoe: Your eardrums have got to get ready!

Hannah: We're really excited to connect with more people and make some funky, silly, sexy, and hot pop songs!

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