Worry Club Is Creating a Community That Extends Beyond Their Music


Chicago-bred collective Worry Club has undoubtedly begun to create murmurs surrounding the year-old project, but Worry Club isn't your average collective. Only consisting of two people, their roles likely aren't what you think they are. Chase Walsh is the brains behind the music, playing every instrument, writing every lyric, and singing every line. He's in charge of creating a sound to call their own. Then there's Zack Zagula, the collective's creative director in charge of bringing it all to the world and to life.  

Honing in on the ever so popular bedroom pop vibe, Worry Club takes a unique approach with their writing. Incorporating undercurrents of midwest emo, they construct a nostalgic vibe imbued with an authentic melancholic atmosphere that reverberates throughout every melody. From their first release to their latest, "Bleach," they've shown a consistency in not only compositions but branding. From every social post to piece of cover art, there is a persistent and distinctive Worry Club aesthetic that is immediately identifiable.  

Their most recent release helps unravel the real meaning behind Worry Club. The collective strives to be an outlet for those who just want to feel less alone in an extremely overwhelming world.  

Walsh describes "Bleach" as a song that illustrates the essence of what it feels like to be dealing with these hardships as a kid. "I really wanted to capture the nostalgia associated with a fleeting childhood. The idea of growing up has always scared the shit out of me. Worry Club is a place where people can find a community. Where people can go to not feel so alone. I know it helps me a lot just to know there's other people out there just like me going through the same shit."

Every Wednesday, Walsh, the face of the collective, engages fans for a weekly Instagram Live series aptly dubbed "Worry Club Wednesdays." The series has been a communal experience, and Worry’s staunch advocacy for mental health awareness - and eager willingness to lend an ear to anyone struggling - has made the live sessions a welcome environment for anyone watching.  

Worry Club is quickly proving themselves to be more than just your ordinary collective but one you can seamlessly escape to when you need a sense of community and a shoulder to turn to. No matter where and when, their music is just a click away.

Listen to  "Bleach" below:

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