Yoke Lore - "Fake You" [Live + Interview] | All Eyes On

The musical ventures of Adrian Galvin continue to evolve and unfurl to reveal branching, enveloping projects brimming with life. Formerly a member of Walk the Moon and Yellerkin, Galvin's solo project,  Yoke Lore, feels like his truest yet. Building on his past experiences in the realms of indie, experimental pop, and folk, Yoke Lore's distinctive approach to pop is unforgettable from the first moment it reaches your ears and strums your heartstrings.  

We had the pleasure of getting to personally know the man behind the one and only Yoke Lore and have him perform "Fake You," the lead single from his latest EP, Absolutes. Releasing Absolutes in the midst of the summer 2018, Yoke Lore built on the already impressive lush sonic palette of his past work to deliver an unconventionally-inspired, multi-faceted release. Combining resounding waves of banjo, vocals, and percussion, Yoke Lore's heartfelt folk-pop anthems take painstaking measure to deliver a palpable emotional journey.  

Set to embark on a  tour, which will see him take Absolutes across North America this spring, the future is looking quite bright for this Taylor Swift - approved artist. Curious about the Taylor Swift connection, make sure to check out and all that and more as we sit down with Yoke Lore following his electrifying performance of "Fake You."

Discover more of Yoke Lore's music here.  

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