Yves Jarvis Delivers a Synesthetic Experience With "Bootstrap Jubilee"


Photo: Yves Jarvis

What do you get when you paint words with flowers and squeeze sounds out of hysteria? The synesthetic experience of Yves Jarvis.

The pop-psychedelic artist hailing from Montreal has officially released "Bootstrap Jubilee," the first single from his upcoming fifth body of work, The Zug, and what a glorious enchantment it is.

What's most intriguing about Jarvis is that there's nothing separate from him and what he creates; his art is an extension of his being. He's a walking period piece and his projects are extra limbs, the unraveling of his subconscious. As a self produced multi instrumentalist, his work couldn't be anything but personal. He wears his music on his skin, peeling off another layer of dermis with every project he releases.

It only intrigues us more to know which incarnation of Jarvis we'll meet on The Zug, and if this single is any insight, we're going pretty deep. With lyrics like "Born in 1996 with an immediate reluctance to exist" and the humble plea "Jubilee, I am your culprit! When will I see you again," we're getting to meet the raw behind the iridescent.

Getting entangled in his acoustics can easily distract you from vocals, but the poetry of "Bootstrap Jubilee" is intricate and vulnerable, even letting us in on the artistic nurture of a privileged upbringing.

An ecstatic experience, there's no piece of his work that won't leave you in a trance. And if you're embarking on the Jarvis journey, kiss the ground you're walking on before taking off: he might not be from this planet, but it would have only done us all a disservice anyway.

Watch the  "Bootstrap Jubilee" video below:

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