5 Contemporary Issues Addressed in grandson's 'a modern tragedy vol. 2'


There are countless political and social issues in our world today, and Toronto born rocker grandson takes a serious stance on a few in his new EP,  a modern tragedy vol. 2. grandson stylistically decides to not use capitalization in his name and EP title in order to bring attention to his music, since it is a "subtler" way of identification. His songs are just as distinct and unique as the problems he addresses.

Drawing inspiration from many genres, ranging from rock to rap, grandson's influences reflect his diversity as an artist. His passion towards the subjects of his songs are exhibited in his use of compelling lyrics backed by dynamic electric guitar and rhythmic beats that increase the dramatic effect of his empowering tunes. a modern tragedy vol. 2  tackles real world problems, large and small, that affect everyone's daily lives.

Agree or disagree, we've compiled five of grandson's thoughtful views found in a modern tragedy vol. 2:

"Apologize" - Haters will hate, but face them with unapologetic confidence.

In a time where the entire world is a single click away, criticism can be found anywhere. People are extremely vocal about their opinions, but grandson is "living with nothing to fear out here," because he is aware and accepts that he is not perfect. He "will not apologize" for his flaws, as they are just as large a part of him as his good parts.

"Stigmata" - The truth can't be silenced with violence.

Making clever reference to the government through the mention of black hawks, grandson acknowledges that no truth can be suppressed, even by death. It is everyone's duty to uncover the facts, and not let anyone, specifically the government, cover them up. He is insistent that even if "they put a hole in the back of [his] head" and call it suicide, nothing can stop his message from spreading because he doesn't stand alone in the constant fight against martyrdom. "The truth won't die!"

"Is This What You Wanted" - Personal problems can disproportionally outweigh world problems in your mind.

When your personal world is falling down around you, nothing else seems important. Your mind fixates on that issue, and that mentality is what inspired grandson's "Is This What You Wanted." While "the world burns outside," grandson gets drunk and high because of his ex. He realizes this is completely inappropriate when "kids [are] in cages" in other parts of the world. The irrelevance of grandson's problems are truly put into perspective when he realizes that larger problems exist, but finds himself ignoring them to please others.

"Fallin' (Temptation)" - Addiction is a monster.

In the most introspective song off of the EP, "Fallin' (Temptation)," grandson blends trap with alternative to produce his most personal song. The temptation to give in to intoxication to ignore reality becomes too strong for grandson to ignore, and he gives in. The numbness that the drugs and alcohol provided give him an escape and ultimately ruin his life. Every time he takes anything, he promises it is "the last time," but it never is.

"Darkside" - School shooters come from a place of pain and feel as if this is their last resort.

The edgiest song from the EP tackles one of the most controversial topics in society. "Darkside" explains school shooters' actions. "The kid," the subject of the song, was bullied to the point he "put a semi-automatic on his back" in order to silence the bullies, just as they silenced him. No one can run and no one can hide from the kid's dark side, which everyone in the kid's life was instrumental in creating.

grandson performed his equally controversial and powerful tune "Blood // Water" at our “All Eyes On" showcase. Check it out here:

Feel empowered at one of grandson's live shows as he embarks on his North American "No Apologies" tour. Dates can be found below:


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