6 Ones To Know If You're a Fan of Hozier


Hozier redefined what it meant to pray with his breakout single "Take Me To Church." The haunting voice and well-crafted fables of the Irish folk/alternative singer-songwriter took us to unimaginable places. Each of his songs are modern versions of traditional folklore that contain stories of love, tragedy, and hope, while also conveying strong political messages. Hozier has a way of delineating life's problems and purpose with beautiful poetry and turning it into songs that resonate with a piece of our soul.

One blessing we can be grateful for in 2018 is that Hozier returned to us with the gorgeous EP,  Nina Cried Power, and has continued releasing subsequent singles. With his next album to come at any moment this new year, here are six ones to know if you're a fan of Hozier.

Lewis Capaldi

Hailing from the small town Bathgate in Scotland, Lewis Capaldi  has experienced an explosive emergence onto the scene with the release of his debut single "Bruises." The singer-songwriter crafts highly intimate and powerful folk music that will entice you to learn more about the artist's captivating aura. With a beautiful voice to keep you enchanted for days or a cheeky Instagram that'll have you laughing until you can't breathe, Lewis Capaldi is a raw talent that knows no bounds.

Freya Ridings

With a haunting voice that serenades you to tears of sadness and joy, Freya Ridings is unparalleled when it comes to communicating vivid emotions and stories. Having first ignited with her debut single "Blackout," the gorgeous songstress had us all in our feels immediately. From the dark, yet enchanting  "Ultraviolet" to the pop ballad  "Lost Without You" about an intense, regretful moment that changed her life, Freya Ridings is a brilliant singer-songwriter worth keeping tabs on.


After his debut single, "Don't You Cry For Me," hit number one on Spotify's Global Viral Chart, Cobi gained the eyes and hearts of millions. Every song displays genuine power and conviction, especially with his gritty vocals and soulful production behind every track. His latest release,  Songs From The Ashes Pt. 2, delivers every ounce of his talents, from crestfallen lyrics to gospel influences. With the third part of his trilogy release yet to come, Cobi should be the next alternative artist on your radar.

Dean Lewis

Starting as a songwriter for other artists, Dean Lewis sure enough found his foothold once his publishing company sent him to England to work with producers Nick Atkinson and Edd Holloway. From there, Lewis turned into a hit-maker overnight. With the release of his recent EP Same Kind Of Different, Dean Lewis experienced a sudden burst of stardom. His melodic and moving music lulls you into a euphoric state every time.

Zak Abel

Releasing his highly anticipated debut album Only When We're Naked, Zak Abel is both the charismatic heartbreaker and sensitive gentleman. The self taught pianist and guitarist conveys sensual moods and dynamic emotions in his distinctive music. His voice is like that of an old soul and reflects his genuine heart. Creating energy-filled tunes, like "You Come First," or  emotionally-centered songs, like "Unstable," Zak Abel is stealing hearts one-by-one.


Recording songs under the name SYML, meaning  "simple" in Welsh, Brian Fennell used his unknown past and Welsh roots as huge influences in his music. His breakout song  "Where's My Love," which first rose to popularity after it was used on hit TV show Teen Wolf, is a heart-wrenching tune that tackles lost love. With songs harnessing his delicate voice and booming instrumental style, like the uptempo  "Clean Eyes" and the mellow  "WDWGILY," SYML is the next alternative act you need to pay attention to.

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