A R I Z O N A's 'ASYLUM' Is a Collection of Electro-Pop Bangers Advocating for Mental Health


You may think of the recent Joker film when you first hear the word "asylum," but A R I Z O N A is here to shatter the stigma of mental health with their stellar new album  ASYLUM. Comprised of vocalist Zachary Charles, guitarist Nate Esquite, and keyboardist David Labuguen, A R I Z O N A is a three-piece electro-pop band from New Jersey that has been making waves since 2016 and shows no signs of stopping. Back and better than ever, A R I Z O N A is now sharing their talents with the world through the form of musical healing found throughout  ASYLUM's nine-track run.

On ASYLUM, A R I Z O N A shared,

"We chose the word 'asylum' as our album title, as we found ourselves in a place where we felt the pressure of album two. The pressure of following up, of creating something great, of making sure we don't alienate our fanbase while creating something new and fresh – the classic sophomore album dilemma."

Although their 2017 debut album GALLERY  was an absolute hit, their ever-growing career certainly has not slowed down for these young lads. ASYLUM represents everything A R I Z O N A has focused on for the past two years, as they  experienced firsthand the self-discovery and growing pains that accompany suddenly becoming an international sensation. With moving tracks like "Nostalgic" and "Don't Leave," ASYLUM showcases the New Jersey band's incredible ability to genuinely reach an audience that not every pop act can appeal to. With so many artists singing about making money and hooking up nowadays, a culture-defying trio like A R I Z O N A is essential.

A R I Z O N A added,

"For us, we had to rethink our friendship. We had to reevaluate the way we work. We had to check in with ourselves, and center back on why we do this in the first place. We had to take our bond as A R I Z O N A and invoke asylum for ourselves as people. It was a physical, mental, and spiritual journey to reconcile the situation, both within ourselves as individuals, and with the world as a band."

Just as A R I Z O N A showcased their support for mental health awareness with their Avicii collaboration, "Hold The Line," ASYLUM holds other key pieces of the talented trio's important message. "Problems" and "Freaking Out" see A R I Z O N A's sharing their inner-most thoughts, while the energetic "Find Someone" provides a thematic and sonic contrast unlike any other. By the end of ASYLUM, A R I Z O N A leaves us with "Still Alive," a heartwarming tune that does a spectacular job at convincing us that life always goes on.

Take a breather and stream A R I Z O N A's ASYLUM below:

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