aldn and chloe moriondo’s “pressure” Is a Match Made in Hyperpop Heaven

Photo: (L) Chloe Moriondo by Kenneth Cappello (R) ALDN by Joe Perri

21-year-old self-starting DJ, producer, artist, and overall multi-hyphenate aldn has teamed up with the ever-ethereal chloe moriondo for a glitchy bedroom pop pondering of all things relationship anxiety-inducing.

The duo’s strengths play into one another with charming ease, creating a unique sound somewhere between the two indie artists’ usual genre neighborhoods. A glossy synth line steps forward as the hook, hailing 2010s alt-pop influences like Phoenix and M83 with its cascading melody and bright sound. Paired with the fuzz of the driving bass, these elements make for vivid contrast in the track.

The collaboration between aldn and chloe moriondo delivers a similarly striking, yet balanced contrast. aldn’s moody mid-range captures the dwelling presence of the lyrics, while moriondo’s light voice spins them on an introspective escapade. Their lyrics muse over the anxieties of a new love, “You know you want her, but never could decide / is it torture? Is it slaughter?” All the while, aldn ties the vocals together with a bow of glitchy production flair, fringing “pressure” with an edge of grit.

Continuing with the artist’s 2023 era of compelling glitch-pop releases, “pressure” is an exciting, collaborative venture for aldn, nodding to further experimentation yet to come.

Watch the "pressure" video below:

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