BENEE's "Blu" Video Is Unsettling, Surreal, and Beautiful

BENEE is quietly becoming the new star of indie pop. Releasing two impeccable EPs in 2019 alone, FIRE ON MARZZ and STELLA & STEVE, the New Zealand-based artist is on the cusp of a breakout year. And with the release of her latest video, BENEE cements her role as a visionary pop artist.

"Blu," the closing track of STELLA & STEVE, originally arrived as a silky-smooth departure to both the sophomore outing and a relationship gone sour. Now, the closing track is receiving a surreal, unsettling, and absolutely beautiful visual treatment. Opening on extreme close-up shots of BENEE in Victorian-era attire, the video plays out with a hypnotic leftfield flair. BENEE spoke further on how the video for "Blu" came together, sharing,

"We filmed in this awesome, rundown, old theatre called Crystal Palace in Auckland. I wanted the video to have a pretty but slightly off vibe about it. The dress was made by a crazy talented designer called Olli, and the rabbit suit found secondhand did a good job of makin things feel weird."

She added,

"'Blu' is my favourite song out of the Stella & Steve EP! I also wrote and played the guitar bridge at the end of song, which is a first for me hahar."

Demonstrating the seeming entire spectrum of human emotion alone on stage, enlisting a giant white rabbit, and capturing it all in mesmerizing fashion, there is a Donnie Darko-level curiosity to "Blu." Fantastical and transfixing. What else could we expect from BENEE?

Watch the video for "Blu" below:

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