Boski's 'Greatest Hits' is the Perfect Blend of Obscurity and Satisfaction


Tennessee-based singer/songwriter, Boski, is making a huge splash as a small fish in an ocean full of hungry sharks endlessly trying to find "what's next." Bo Kitzman [Boski] is a multi-instrumentalist blending indie, alternative, hip-hop and soul. He's displayed his ability to create music to separate himself from every other artist in the most unsettling and extremely satisfying way. After two killer singles, Boski manifests vivid imagery and moods into a ten song project entitled Greatest Hits.

On Greatest Hits, Boski unfolds the everlasting layers of anxiety and depression, and discovering ease within it. Creating beauty out of something that could easily be so dark and bleak. Through intricate beats and loops, Boski reaches his hand out to lead you on a path of self-discovery and self-love. Boski explains that he hopes the project resonates with the ones who are striving to find comfort in their own skin, accept themselves and accept the life they were given.

“Greatest Hits is an album for people who are trying to convince themselves they aren't depressed. I think if you have a difficult time expressing or understanding your feelings, you'll find some grace in there too.”

Completely self-produced and written, Boski demonstrates an array of diverse abilities he carries as an artist. He embodies a genre of music nobody has been able to pioneer quite yet. He continues to obscure unsettling and oddly satisfying patterns in a beautifully crafted music video for his song All The Time. The video shows Boski living through a world of confusion, angst and repetition, but ultimately trying to break out of the habits he's developed. It's the type of video you need to continue watching over and over again just to really grasp an understanding of who he is and what he's about. The perfectly awkward and ominous video leaves you strangely at ease. Between the trance of dream-like production and display, the only thing you're sure of is that you're left wanting more. Boski is the type of artist that appeared out of nowhere, but we're a-okay with that. Boski is the type of artist that we'll be keeping close tabs on because, well, why wouldn't you want to?

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