Chase Atlantic's "LOVE IS (NOT) EASY" Is What Love Sounds Like in 2019


Chase Atlantic is on a hot streak. The last couple of months have seen the band announce a Ones To Watch and The Noise - presented tour, announce their highly-anticipated sophomore album PHASES, set to release June 28, and release a series of singles each more infectious than the last. And like the gift that just keeps on giving, today sees the release of yet another soon to be fan-favorite track from the Australian trio.

"LOVE IS (NOT) EASY," which is set to appear on PHASES, is the trio's third single and marks a notable departure from the kaleidoscopic picture of lust and love they painted in "HER" or the salient message of mental health they addressed in "STUCKINMYBRAIN." Opting for a more restrained approach, Chase Atlantic falls into a heavenly laidback rhythm as lead singer Mitchel Cave muses on how the pitfalls of love and heartbreak play out for so many people today. Cave spoke on the latest ethereal single,

"The song was inspired by a dear friend of ours who had recently suffered from heartbreak. He came into the studio and we asked him to write down how he felt and drew inspiration from both his story and our own personal situations. It's kind of ironic how loving someone can be easy yet so difficult at the same time."

Whether it be hip-hop, electronic, or even venturing into the territory of lovelorn R&B, nothing is off-limits for Chase Atlantic. This is a band who realizes their greatest strength lies in their talent for experimentation, and that the most vivid portraits are those painted with a myriad of brushes.

Listen to "LOVE IS (NOT) EASY" below, and be sure to hear it and the rest of PHASES live on Chase Atlantic's upcoming tour:

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