Co-Stanza Finds the Romance in Long-Distance Relationships


Co-Stanza is starting 2020 strong with the release of a new track, "I Don't Mind." The up-and-coming bedroom pop artist from Chicago started releasing music in 2018 with the goal of spreading positivity and celebrating life. "I Don't Mind" is the perfect example of how Co-Stanza's midwestern charm lends itself to creating catchy, feel good music. The song is begging to be played on your day off when you're driving by the beach with the windows rolled down.

"I Don't Mind" challenges the normally pessimistic view on long-distance relationships. Rather than focusing on the negatives, it celebrates the excitement of missing someone and the longing of seeing them in person. The punchy guitar and airy vocals create a song guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Co-Stanza keeps the lyrics refreshingly simple and with the song lasting just over two minutes, it's begging to be put on repeat.

The closest I've ever been to a long-distance relationship is keeping in touch with all my friends as they were spending their semester abroad. As someone who was always adamantly opposed to doing long-distance, this song just might make me reconsider, but only if they wrote a song about me, too.

Listen to  "I Don't Mind" below:

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